The Washington County Economic Development Council will work to negotiate an incentive package for your company's relocation or expansion project. An incentive award could include tax refunds and exemptions, workforce training and, for qualifying projects, even cash grants from local, regional and state resources. For eligible projects, award amounts are based on many factors, including a number of jobs, wage levels, employee benefit packages, capital investment, financial history, economic impact and amount of incentive awards from competing communities.


Tax abatement is a temporary reduction or elimination of property taxes. It applies to real estate and, in some cases, the personal property that a local government or district taxes. Tax abatements only apply to eligible pieces of property within Washington County and can only be approved by the Board of County Commissioners. Available on a case-by-case basis to industrial and manufacturing developers. For more detail, call Ted Everett, EDC Executive Director (850) 638-4157


Rural and Urban Job Tax Credits – An incentive for eligible businesses located within one of 15 rural areas or 13 urban areas to create new jobs. The tax credit ranges from $500 to $2,000 per qualified employee and can be taken against either the Florida Corporate Income Tax or the Florida Sales and Use Tax. These tax credits are provided to encourage meaningful employment opportunities that will improve the quality of life of those employed and to encourage economic expansion of businesses in rural and urban areas of Florida.

For more information and to apply for the above program, please visit
Enterprise Florida – Doing Business in Florida has Advantages




Quick Response Training (QRT): Administered by CareerSource Florida, the program is a state-funded grant program that provides funding to qualifying businesses to train their net new, full-time employees. Grant funding is provided in the form of a performance-based reimbursable grant (12-month maximum term) for customized, skills-based training. Quick Response Training is available to new or expanding businesses in Floridas targeted industries. These industries are typically high-skill, produce exportable goods or services, and have wages of 125 percent above state or local wages.


Incumbent Worker Training (IWT):  Administered by CareerSource Florida, the program provides grants for continuing education and training of current full-time employees at Florida companies. The grant can be used to reimburse companies for up to 75 percent of pre-approved training costs.


Veterans Florida Business Training Grant: The Veterans Florida Business Training Grant is available to Florida businesses seeking to train and hire military veterans. The program helps business meet workforce demands in a competitive environment by facilitating access to training and education in high-demand fields for veterans. Grant funds are used to match 50% of the training costs, up to $8,000 per veteran.