Our Location

Washington County is truly a visitor's oasis. New citizens and visitors will find expanding opportunities in a growth economy as well as a safe and enjoyable environment. Growing families and visitors alike will discover a better quality of life. So, we invite you one and all to come and sit a while and let the Washington County Love settle in; it's sure to win you over.

Geographic Area of Washington County

616 Square Miles
583 Square Miles of Land
33 Square Miles of Waters
13 to 23 Feet Above Sea Level


238 Days of Sunshine Each Year
Average Air Temperature – Summer - 91.9° F; Winter - 39° F
Average Yearly Rainfall – 60.2 Inches
Average Yearly Snowfall – 0 Inches
Elevation – 102 ft.

Washington County is Approximately Within 300 Miles* of Most Major Southeastern U.S. Cities

58 miles S of Dothan, AL
105 miles W of Tallahassee, FL – Florida’s Capital
117 miles E of Pensacola, FL
268 miles W of Jacksonville, FL
264 miles S of Atlanta, GA
306 miles E of New Orleans, LA
238 Miles S of Birmingham, AL